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Meet The Specialists

Brianna I. Banks, M.A.

Brianna I. Banks has her Master’s degree and is currently in Northern Illinois University’s Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program with an emphasis in pediatric/developmental psychopathology. She graduated from University of California – Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Brianna has conducted psychodiagnostic assessments while working with clients across the lifespan and with a variety of presenting problems at NIU’s Psychological Services Center. Further, she has provided evidence-based treatments with clients that have provided her with a good foundation for making informed recommendations about proper treatment and intervention methods for assessment cases based on their diagnoses. Brianna has also provided exposure-based interventions with child clients presenting with Selective Mutism through her time as a Group Therapist at Advanced Therapeutic Solutions’ Winter and Summer Adventure Camps.

Brianna works primarily from a cognitive-behavioral framework where she utilizes Acceptance and Commitment interventions, Dialectical Behavioral techniques, Cognitive-Behavioral interventions, Parent Management Training interventions, and exposure and response prevention. Due to her prior experience as an Assistant Preschool Teacher, she is especially passionate about incorporating her clients’ global strengths and their broader systems, which may include families and schools, in her assessments and recommendations. Brianna has experience conducting psychodiagnostic assessments for clients with a variety of presenting problems such as depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorders, and personality disorders. She strives to meet her clients with empathy and compassion and provide them with comprehensive assessments that are tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

Brianna is excited to be at Susan Myket Ph.D., & Associates, and is looking forward to providing comprehensive psychological assessments for children and adolescents . In her free time, Brianna enjoys exploring used bookstores in surrounding areas and chaperoning her dog, Ruby, on walks and dog park adventures.