A Family Psychology Practice providing Expert, Developmentally – Appropriate Care, that is Individualized, Mindful and Effective.

Autism Services


Welcome to Susan Myket, Ph.D. & Associates! We are looking forward to providing you with care that is individualized, effective and mindful. We hope the following information will help you better understand our practice and ultimately achieve the best possible treatment outcome. If you still have questions or concerns after reading this material, please feel free to ask us. We are happy to help you.

Office Hours: Our specialists are independent contractors and therefore set their own schedules. We have various office hours available, such as morning, afternoon and evening hours during the week and weekend hours as necessary. You will work directly with your specialist to schedule your appointments.

First Visit:  Your specialist will discuss with you who should come to the first visit. When you arrive, please take a seat in our waiting room. Your specialist will come to the waiting room at your appointed time. You may print and fill out our intake forms and bring them with you or your specialist can provide paper copies for you to complete in the waiting room.

Contacting Your Clinician: If you need to speak with any of our specialists, you may reach them at their confidential voice mail extension provided to you at your first visit. If you don’t remember their extension, call the main number and use the dial by last name directory Option 4 or list of names directory Option 5. Our voice mail system is available 24 hours a day. These messages are generally checked by specialists throughout the day and most calls are returned within 24 hours, except for weekends/holidays.

Frequency of Treatment: Typically, clients are asked to come in on a weekly basis. We do our best to arrange a regular time for each client. At times, depending on the severity of symptoms, clients are asked to come in two or three times a week if more intensive therapy is needed. Furthermore, in times of crises, it may be possible to schedule additional sessions. As progress is made and symptoms decrease, clients are usually seen less often. A booster session(s) can occur as necessary to check up on progress and refresh skills to handle additional concerns over time.

Confidentiality: What is discussed in the confines of the office remains private and confidential within the requirements of law. Please read our Client Information Brochure and Privacy Practices Notice for more specifics. If you do not want information shared with your insurance company, you may notify us in advance that you’d like a session or sessions that will not be included in your health record and you must pay in full for each session at the time of service. We will not share the information discussed in these sessions unless required to do so by law.

Confidentiality for Minors 12-17: The State of Illinois provides additional confidentiality for clients ages 12-17. Parents/Guardians will have access to information regarding current mental condition, diagnosis, treatment needs, charges, services provided and services needed. The minor must be informed and not object for a parent/guardian to inspect and/or copy the minor’s full health record.

Coordination of Treatment:  If you provide written consent for us to coordinate treatment with another professional(s) (e.g., medical doctor, school, other treatment provider), we are happy to provide brief updates of your treatment progress, again limiting information to what is pertinent to help that professional provide you with appropriate service.

Emergency Contact: Should a mental health emergency arise, please contact the nearest hospital emergency room. Once the situation is stabilized, please let your specialist here know via phone where you are and what is occurring. We will participate in the emergency intervention as needed and provide whatever case information you ask us to release. Please understand that if this emergency occurs overnight or on a weekend/holiday, it may be the next business day before we are able to respond.

Client Responsibilities: You will be asked to work outside of sessions, implementing the strategies and knowledge we discuss together and to be actively involved in your (or your child’s) growth and development. You will also be asked to accurately report back on what works and what does not work in achieving the changes and progress you identify as your goals. It is up to you to put forth an honest effort at helping yourself and your family change and grow. All participants are also responsible for sharing their feelings and concerns and working through any issues that arise as treatment proceeds. This is a process of discovering what will work for each individual client and family. If the identified client is your child, please make sure that your child understands the information so that he or she can be more actively involved in the treatment process and take more responsibility for making the treatment work for him or her. If you would like your specialist to elaborate or explain further, please do not hesitate to ask him or her.