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Autism Services

Community Consultation

The Specialists at Susan Myket, Ph.D. & Associates are available to share their expertise with school districts, parent groups, and other local professionals. We offer talks on the following topics and can tailor our presentations to address a group’s specific requests. Please contact us to discuss how we can partner with you.

  • Got Anxiety? Relaxation and Beyond
  • What to Do When a Child or Teen Refuses to Go to School
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Overview for Parents or Educators
  • How to Help a Child or Teen with ADHD or Executive Functioning Issues
  • Bullying – For Teachers, Parents, or Students who are Bullied or are Bullies
  • Supporting the Unique Emotional Challenges of Gifted Students
  • Tricks of the Trade for Preschool Parents
  • Working with the Angry Child or Teen
  • Working with the Anxious Child or Teen
  • How Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment Can Improve Client Care
  • Behavior Management for Teachers or Parents
  • Better Middle School or High School Transitions
  • Mood Disorders: Gold-Standard Assessment & Treatment
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children or Teens
  • Working with Teens with Borderline Traits
  • What Parents Can Do to Decrease the Possibility of Child Sexual Abuse
  • How to Help Someone Recover from Sexual Assault or Trauma
  • Self-Care for the Mental Health Professional