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Autism Services

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A Family Practice with You in Mind

This is a place for children, adolescents, adults and families who are experiencing more than normal levelsof stress and difficulty. Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out problems on your own; you can be too close to the situation. You can reach out to others who are well-meaning but find they do not take your concerns seriously enough or keep them in strict confidence. We are often bombarded with conflicting advice on a daily basis. How do you sort out what is best for your family… for yourself?
The clinical psychologists and licensed clinicians at Susan Myket, Ph.D. & Associates have been trained to listen carefully and ask thoughtful questions. With you, we will determine the issues that need to be addressed. We can discuss the current research that bears on your concerns. Jointly, we will work out a personalized plan to tackle problems in a practical, creative and timely manner. The therapeutic methods we employ are proven and used to give you the customized care you deserve.
People come to us when certain things aren’t working well for them. At these times, it is especially important to identify what is working; to identify individual and family strengths and how we might harness these for the present challenge. We want clients and families to keep what makes them unique and at the same time target the thoughts, behaviors and/or environments that may be currently ineffective. We can help you to develop coping skills, teach you specific tools and encourage you to explore alternatives. Our goal is to work with you to make this life a more enjoyable one.