pay bill

Thank you for keeping your accounts current. We expect all co-pays to be paid by cash, check, or credit card on the date of service. We also expect co-insurance payments at the time of service for all out-of-network insurances. Co-insurance payments for BCBS PPO clients are welcomed at the time of service, but not required. If you’d like an updated bill or a summary of your account, please call our billing department, NetSource Billing, at 866-441-1591.
There are multiple ways you can pay your bill.

  • Bring cash, check , or credit card to your next appointment.
  • Mail a check or credit card info to our office.
  • Call NetSource Billing and ask them to run your credit card. You may leave credit card information – including the security code (V-code) – on NetSource’s confidential voicemail.
  • Leave a message for your specialist asking them to run your credit card on file.