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Meet The Specialists

Anthony Tucci, Ph.D.

Dr. Anthony Tucci joined Susan Myket Ph.D. and Associates initially as a student and has now returned as a Clinical Neuropsychologist.  He completed his internship at Jewish Child and Family Services which focused on community mental health services, multi-theoretical intervention across the lifespan, consultation with foster care agencies, student advocacy within schools, and neuropsychological assessment. He earned his Doctorate from Northern Illinois University where he gained specialized training in neuropsychological assessment, developmental psychopathology, and evidence-based interventions. Dr. Tucci completed his 4000-hour post-doctoral fellowship with Thomson Memory Center, attaining specific and specialized training in comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation.  Following his post-doctoral fellowship and licensure, he continued on with Thomson Memory Center as a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinical Supervisor.

He has now rejoined Susan Myket Ph.D. and Associates to share his expertise in examining learning disorders, behavioral problems, communication impairments, autism, traumatic brain injuries, genetic disorders, cerebrovascular changes, neurodegenerative processes, and emotional difficulties.  Assessed domains included intellectual ability, academic achievement, executive functioning, attention, memory, visuospatial skills, behavior, social-emotional functioning, developmental history, personality, and adaptive functioning.  Dr. Tucci also teaches college level courses, supervises graduate-level therapists, and provides presentations within the community regarding neuropsychological topics.  He enjoys working with families, children, and adults to improve management of severe pathology as well as to aid in adjustment to significant lifestyle changes. Anthony grew up in Chicago’s western suburbs and enjoys traveling, gardening, hiking, and spending time with his children.