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The health psychology clinic

The Health Psychology Clinic at Susan Myket, Ph.D. & Associates provides comprehensive psychological evaluations for clients seeking bariatric or pain-management surgery. Our focus is to ensure surgery candidates are prepared to succeed pre- and post-operation and meet all presurgical psychological evaluation requirements as determined by surgeons and insurance. Evaluations for the following operations are supported:

  • Gastric sleeve

  • Gastric bypass

  • Laparoscopic band (“Lap band”)

  • Spinal cord stimulation

The Health Psychology Clinic employs a holistic evaluation process determined by clients’ presenting issues and the nature of their procedure. Assessments are usually conducted over one session and all measures and interviews can be administered virtually. Previous evaluations are reviewed with consent. The assessment scoring, interpretation, and write-up take between five to seven business days. Evaluation results are sent directly to the surgeon’s office once full payment is received. For clients who require additional treatment prior to their operation, the Health Psychology Clinic also offers both individual and group counseling for presurgical candidates to maximize their pre-operative readiness and post-operative success.

In addition to its focus on pre-surgical evaluations, the Health Psychology Clinic offers individual and group counseling for clients struggling with a range of medical and emotional issues across the lifespan by offering resources and support. These challenges include but are not limited to, coping with sleep issues, chronic illness, pain-management, weight-management, medication-management, bedwetting (for minors), sports psychology, and the impact of stress. The Health Psychology Clinic is also happy to consult with other healthcare providers and wellness staff as needed to best serve each client’s individual needs.